Friday, March 18, 2011

The house

The front

The front closer

The beautiful door Curtis made. It's huge and it's a pivot door.

This is where the waterfall will be. I might have an idea of what your thinking, "a waterfall in the house?" So I will leave that one for Curtis to keep clean!

This is the boiler room

This is the master bedroom

This is the side of the house

And finally we have the back of the house.

I'm very excited about the house! The plumbing and electrical are finished!!! The outside of the house is nearly finished, we just have to put up the gutters and the stone. Estimated time we can get the permits complete so we can move in is in May.


The Flip Side said...

How exciting!

Katie Clifford said...

That is so exciting! I looks HUGE though! How's your hair doing? You need another trim yet?

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Jessica said...

WOW! Pretty amazing!

I absoultely adore the final picture from this post. The tiny child against the massive white backdrop and vast frontage of the house is hillariously funny and made me laugh the second I saw it. Thanks for sharing.

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Zerique said...

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Jasper said...

I love those pictures! I think that's so cool to be building up a house!!! XD

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johny said...

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johny said...

I love those pictures! I think that's so cool to be building up a house!!! XD
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DEDE FERI said...

I am very impressed to see your pictures. A fabulous home. Attractive, simple, fun to look at.

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