Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here is a little update on what is going on in the Rockwood household! We are trying to finish projects around the house we started so long ago, like the downstairs bathroom. I got to grout for the first time, kinda, Curtis helped cause I was too slow. We are getting the house ready for another resident (Sydney).
I am trying to take my mind off being pregnant, so I decided to start more project, ones that I actually want to do. So I repainted and redecorated one of our upstairs bathrooms. I am also redecorating the nursery to accommodate two girls, Get our Furniture website going, taking pictures on the side, Replanting our garden out front, and Sewing a lot (reupholstering, making cradle bedding and Robyn's big girl bedding).
Curtis was going to give up the cabinet business but we have been blessed with big money makers, so he decided to stay a little longer and have me do the website while he does the cabinet thing. People really like him and keep referring, making it hard to turn down the money. Plus he will subcontract the sucky work, like spraying the finish. Anyway he is got a full load and he is working hard all the time, leaving little time for play:( but we make it work. There will come a day where it will be quite the opposite I am sure. At least he is there when I need him.
Robyn is growing like a weed. She is starting to say real words, kinda. It's kinda fun to figure out what she is saying. Na is nursery, nana is banana or food in general, done is done, nyny is night night, ba is bath and so on. She loves to play outside but our days aren't consistently warm yet so she has a hard time understanding when it's too cold to play outside. She has the funnest little personality. She's our little toddler what can I say!