Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know it's dumb but every year I need to be told it's a new year and we can start fresh. I really appreciate the people who have to remind me too. Last year has been very interesting and this year I am making changes. In Relief society the lesson was on increasing faith by personal righteousness. I love that, yet I have such a hard time with it. I know why, I am scared of the gifts I will be given. Stupid, huh. Curtis was doing that the last 2 weeks before the accident and now we are changing our lifes course. I am also scared that if I stop doing something I won't have anything good to replace it with. But this is a new year and I am going to do it because I want to increase my faith. I want to be happy. Not that I am unhappy, but I know I can improve. So I have set a few resolutions.
*I am only going to watch movies in the theater. I know this sounds dumb but Curtis and I would watch movies every night. I am a huge movie puff and this will be really hard for me to cut this out of my day. Movies have gone to the dogs and we have come to the point where we are desensitized to the most outragous things. We don't get out to the movie theater very often so I hope this helps.
*I am continuing to cut the bad sugar out of my diet. I was so surprised after doing it for 3 weeks how much weight I lost, and how easy it was. (Thank you Mel for the motivation)
*I am still doing the pilates/yoga and I love it.(again thank you Mel)
*I have decided to read daily personally. Curtis and I are really good at the couples reading but we aren't so good at personal reading.
*Poor Robyn, Sydney is too young to play with and I think she gets frusterated, I know I do, when she trys to play with her and she ends up crying! I think Robyn is very social and needs interaction. So I have decided to devote an hour a day to just Robyn.
*I am not to go to bed unless my kitchen is clean.
*Smile more
*Not complain about the Deloreans, some of you know how I feel about that and that is all I will say;)
*I also want to do more service.
Well, wish me luck! I hope that by the end of the year I can say I did it and then I will know my faith has increased if it hasn't already by Curtis's accident!;) Just a side note. I like that he only has four fingers on his hand. It's more comfortabe to hold:)

Friday, January 2, 2009

The girls in their Christmas dresses I made for them. Look closely and you can see the cookie under Robyn's hands. That was the only way to get her to do any of the pictures.

Christmas with the Rockwoods!

We had a great Christmas! The girls got some toys and Grandpa Rockwood made them a table and chairs set. It's awesome. Robyn loves it. This year was our homemade Christmas so for the girls I made them Christmas dresses and I made Robyn a quiet book. I actually made 3 of them and they are not easy without a pattern and they are a lot of work. They also got a play area set up downstairs that I still need to decorate. I found this 60's kid's room decor book at the thrift store that has some sweet ideas. I will have to modernize it ,especially the colors, but I am excited. Anyway we had a lot of fun hanging out with Curtis's family. One of the Rockwood Christmas traditions is silly string in the stocking, which we have learned might not work for us cause Robyn is afraid of it.(see clips) Se flipped out the first time we did it. The videos don't really show as much fright as we saw earlier that morning. We hope she grows out of it.

Sydney's first shiner

The other day Robyn threw a toy at Sydney. I didn't think it was that bad, however Robyn did get put in her room. A few minutes later Sydney eye was red I just knew it was going to turn into a black eye. Sydney didn't cry very long, she has been such a trooper when it comes to Robyn's abuse. Robyn plays rough mostly cause Curtis plays rough. So there it is Sydney's first black eye.