Sunday, November 16, 2008

So, we can hardly contain our excitement

We can not wait to see everyone again. Robyn is old enough to enjoy the time with her cousins and uncles, and I am sure she will be good friends with them all. She is very social, just like her daddy. Sydney on the other hand will probably freak out if I am not around. We are trying to get her over this. As cute as it is and as much as my heart melts when I hear this, I know it's not a good thing.
So we are taking the 8+ hour drive to Provo, Ut and then the 4+ to Las Vegas. We are splitting up the trip so we can see as many people as we can, plus It sucks driving in a car with a car sick toddler and a baby your still feeding every 3-4 hours. Although it may be rough we are determined to have a BLAST! I am excited to see Tracey and Matt getting married. I hope they will be happy.

Ok, so I have to get off the subject for a second. I thought I had really good spelling skills until I started this post. Thank goodness for spell check. I have been misspelling words left and right. Maybe my brain isn't working. Maybe it's trying to keep the sabbath day holy too.

Anyway, I am so excited I hope to get to see everyone. I love you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sydney's first tooth

That's right she got her first tooth and the second was following along a week later. It seems like it happens so fast. To top it all off, she bit me. Robyn never bit me so I didn't know about it until my friends told me. Then I was thankful I still had time until her teeth came in but she decided to get them a little early. At least I think 4 months is early.

Robyn has quite the personality. She loves buckets and putting things in them (like her head)and she put my nursing cover on like a cape, I couldn't help myself.