Monday, July 27, 2009

Winners of Craft it Forward are......

Drum Roll Please............................

.......Okay I am lame I know but............

Rileigh, Rachel and Tracy Grifiths. Tracy, you can post it on your facebook, but you do have to post it somewhere! Sorry:) You will get something from me when I can think of something and decide to make it, but you will get it before the end of the year. And to all of you who didn't get it in time you can always start your own! Fun fun fun!

Summer luvin'

Well we have had a few interesting trips.
First we went to the cabin and we had a great time. They have been trying to see it so we have no idea if it's the last time or not! But we are going to cherish the time we spent. Robyn had a blast. Curtis took Robyn up there a few days before Sydney and I and I really missed my little Mouth! We couldn't do much hiking cause of the rain but it is just so relaxing to be there.
Then we went to the Rockwood family reunion and had a very interesting time. Our little adventure started with Curtis and I getting the Swine Flu except he got better and I only got worse. I then got Laryngitis, the pills I got for that gave me a yeast infection in my esophagus and the pills for that gave me nausea. After the reunion Curtis went home and I and the girls stayed in Utah to visit Becca & Brad, Mom, and Matt & Tracey. So I am sick this whole time with the girls alone. We get into a car accident with Becca and another Utah driver. My car doors on the driver side got smashed in. Then on my way back to Becca's house from the store the day before I was going to go home the car breaks down and I have to fix it myself! So I was delayed going home. This whole time Sydney is teething and Robyn and Elliot are fighting over everything! The day We leave to end my SUPER fun Vaca the tires seem kinda low so we go to a tire place to fill them and the metal on the front tires are showing so I need 2 brand new tires! YippeY! More money to cough up! By this time my voice is coming around and I am finished with the horrible pills feeling better. On the up side we got a Brand New computer (IMAC), and we get the full value of our car! I also think I learned lot from my trip!
1 I hate Utah and their driver! Sorry not all of you are horrible drivers I know!
2 I don't ever want to travel without Curtis.
3 I have been looking forward to this trip ever since it was planned cause I was ready for fun! I think this trip was telling me not to waste my time looking forward to fun and just make life fun! So that it what I am going to try to do! All work and No play makes Sarah...ready to start having fun!
So here are some pictures for all to see.