Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I finally finished Sydney's announcement. Finding time was the hardest part. It took me a month to take the pictures and one day to do the announcement. So keep an eye on your mailbox.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update on Curtis.

The surgery went well. He is sometimes in a lot of pain, but it doesn't stop him. He is such a hard worker. He isn't the type of person to sit around, he is always doing something. Which isn't a bad thing, I mean look at our house. He has done some amazing things to it. I should post pics of the floor it looks great. The entry way isn't finished but it will look sweet. Anyway about the surgery, please pray with us. The surgeon said the the was worse then he thought, so if it doesn't heal right then they will have to fuse it at the joint. Still usable but not fully funtionable. He has such a positive attitude which helps me not worry. So we are doing fine and we are looking forward to a full recovery.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Curtis cut off his fingers!

So we had a fun experience on Friday. While Curtis was working on the table saw, the piece of wood he was cutting got caught and pulled his hand in the blade. He cut off his left index and his thumb. The index finger is not fixable but the thumb is. As you can see in the x-ray, his finger was cut long ways loosing most of his knuckle making impossible to ever use again. The thumb he cut at the base but they said it was going to be okay. They are amputating the finger and fixing the thumb Monday. He is doing surprisingly good. Actually I think he's being a little morbidly happy. He doesn't even seem to care he is going to only have 9 fingers. I am probably doing worse then him. After talking to the surgeon I am doing much better. The ward and friends and family are being so supportive. You can see the love people have for him and our family.