Thursday, October 21, 2010

House update

These are kind of old, but better late then never. We are taking more today!

This one shows the tubing for the radiant floor on part of the house.

This is when they poured the stamped concrete.

This is the pattern for the stamped concrete. We are going to stain it all through out the house. That means not tile work, no carpet and no wood floor:)

This is the last picture we have taken. It's about 2-3 weeks old. Since then we have put on the roof and we are working on putting in windows and doors! So far the house is coming along quickly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sydney's poke a dots + the house

Sydney is officially allergic to Penicillin! She started to break out in Hives ALL over her poor little body! Luckily she wasn't itchy and was a really great sport about taking her meds! She is such a sweet little thing!

They finally poured the foundation last week and now they are working on the plumbing and radiant floor heating!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on the house

They are building the forms for the foundation. Pouring starts next week:)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 1 of actual progress on the house.

Today they poured the footer! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So much I can say about Sydney! But I will keep it short. She is an angel. She is hilarious and most always has a smile on her face. She is talking really well and I can understand 90% of what she says. Sydney can't get enough of water play! She plays in the sink, pool and even though I don't approve she will find just about any puddle. She still hates her diaper being changed, not quite ready to be potty trained and I decided I'm not ready for her naps to end so she is still in her crib:) She is the most snugly I think I will ever get out of the 3 living in the house with me, but still not enough:) She loves music. But the best thing about Sydney is she's a lot like me:) I love you Sydney Bidney! (I know weir nickname, but whatcha gunna do)

So we REALLY needed to update our blog!

We have been very busy since I guess Christmas! The picture above I will explain shortly but first I should Announce to those of you who aren't aware we are expecting Baby #3. I'm 23 weeks due end of November, and NO I don't know what we are having YET! It's been very stubborn! I'm thinking a Boy for that very reason:) Now that that's out of the way, we are building a home about 25 mins. North of Colorado Springs in Monument, Kings Deer Division. And When I say WE are building it I mean Curtis along with his Dad. Now I should explain how we got to this point. Curtis was in school for a Fines arts degree and decided it would be better if he didn't get that degree so we looked at our options and this one came up. He's always wanted to build Sweet houses and sell them, so we looked into it and within a few weeks we found land and investors. We have been very blessed through out this whole thing and above is that land we purchased. It's 2.5 acres. It's beautiful out there! I know what your all thinking..."In this market?!" We did all the math and Yes we will make a pretty good profit, so no worries:) Curtis has designed a beautiful home and we are very excited about it. We will have to live there for 2 years before we sell it and we have to sell our home we live in now but those are the only downfalls so far. Oh and the fact that I will be very pregnant when we move. Anyone who knows Curtis you'll also know that this is his calling in life. He is very talented. We are going to post pics daily so you can see all the work being done.

I, Sarah, am still photographing weddings, families and babies. I also am babysitting my nieces a few days a week. This pregnancy has been harder on me but It might be because I don't remember the others, or that I'm getting older. Not much more to say other then I am anticipating the birth, very curious about this ones hair color(we have a blond, brunette and redheads run in both sides of the family), and excited for the house to be done.

Robyn is turning 4 on August 30th!! I am going to start a different home school preschool with her this year and if you have any advise I can use some. Joyschool was good for her last year but I think a different program for pre K would be better. If you know of one please let me know. She is well the same. Very loud and has WAY to much energy. But she is fun is starting to be a good big sister. I say starting because she's SO intense it freaks Sydney out! She is learning to ride a bike better and can now write her name. She LOVES the Littlest Petshops!!? I can't even tell you why. She loves musicals and old movies we love, such as Willow, Labyrinth, and ALL Star Wars. We are very proud of her.

Sydney is getting her own post cause she had a birthday in June we forgot to post about!

All in all we are doing great. We are grateful for the support we've gotten and thank our Heavenly Father everyday for our wonderful family and the abundance of blessings!