Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Picture Tag

I was tagged on my brother's blog, Don't really know how it really works when you files are like mine so I went to the files I keep pics I have taken(not pictures Curtis collects of depeche mode and furniture he likes). So here I go.
The rules:
1.Go to your document/pictures file on your computer
2.Go to the 6th file
3.Go to the 6th picture
4. Blog about that picture
5. Tag 6 other people
Here's my picture:

This is Rabecca and her family, obviously not a good one:) But there you go!
So now I pick 6 people to tag and the winners are: Mel, Alyssa, Jennifer R., Vanessa, Heidi, and Megs.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Been a while

It has been a busy few months here. Curtis has school and a very heavy work load. If he didn't work from home I would probably never see him. In his 3d art class they did a class project that was put on campus and the class chose Curtis's idea. They did a giant Rubics cube. He did the cube and base and the rest of the class did the skin. I think it turned out pretty cool. It spins! As for me I am pretty much with the kids all day and night. But I am not complaining:) Robyn is officially potty trained, Yippey! It was a rough couple of days, but I did it. Yes, I am taking all the credit, sorry Robyn! Sydney is cuter then ever and is starting to army crawl. She won't do it on the hard wood but I'll take what I can get. All in all we are doing good, ready for a break and enjoying life one day at a time.

Rubics Cube

Robyn's new funny face!

John, Ashley and Brendyn came to visit. This is Robyn & Brendyn!

Robyn & Sydney playing!

Sydney's cutest smile!

We took the kids to a play area at Focus on the Family. Sydney in the toddler room.

This is Robyn's favorite hiding spot. Some times when I am putting Sydney down for a nap she will hide and wait until I am gone to play with Sydney who WAS sleeping!

Sydney in the sink being a cutie button little chubbie baby;)