Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know it's dumb but every year I need to be told it's a new year and we can start fresh. I really appreciate the people who have to remind me too. Last year has been very interesting and this year I am making changes. In Relief society the lesson was on increasing faith by personal righteousness. I love that, yet I have such a hard time with it. I know why, I am scared of the gifts I will be given. Stupid, huh. Curtis was doing that the last 2 weeks before the accident and now we are changing our lifes course. I am also scared that if I stop doing something I won't have anything good to replace it with. But this is a new year and I am going to do it because I want to increase my faith. I want to be happy. Not that I am unhappy, but I know I can improve. So I have set a few resolutions.
*I am only going to watch movies in the theater. I know this sounds dumb but Curtis and I would watch movies every night. I am a huge movie puff and this will be really hard for me to cut this out of my day. Movies have gone to the dogs and we have come to the point where we are desensitized to the most outragous things. We don't get out to the movie theater very often so I hope this helps.
*I am continuing to cut the bad sugar out of my diet. I was so surprised after doing it for 3 weeks how much weight I lost, and how easy it was. (Thank you Mel for the motivation)
*I am still doing the pilates/yoga and I love it.(again thank you Mel)
*I have decided to read daily personally. Curtis and I are really good at the couples reading but we aren't so good at personal reading.
*Poor Robyn, Sydney is too young to play with and I think she gets frusterated, I know I do, when she trys to play with her and she ends up crying! I think Robyn is very social and needs interaction. So I have decided to devote an hour a day to just Robyn.
*I am not to go to bed unless my kitchen is clean.
*Smile more
*Not complain about the Deloreans, some of you know how I feel about that and that is all I will say;)
*I also want to do more service.
Well, wish me luck! I hope that by the end of the year I can say I did it and then I will know my faith has increased if it hasn't already by Curtis's accident!;) Just a side note. I like that he only has four fingers on his hand. It's more comfortabe to hold:)


The Budge Family said...

Hey good luck!!!! you have to love the new year. I love that picture of you too as well. You have a great hear always have

Drummdown said...

Wow, I'm not the only one... "I am scared of the gifts I will be given." I am the same way, yet I crave the gifts as well.

Like I mentioned before, the book Mom sent us 'God Wants a Powerful People' is a great way to start. Readiing books that lift you up and help you learn how to be 'powerful'. I know that it's Satan who feeds us this 'FEAR'.

A quote from the book: "Satan's power is temporary and will end (in fact, he's running out of time, and he knows it, which is why his devices are MORE DESPERATE and extreme then ever before); God's power is absolute and endless." page 26

Satan is so desperate he has made us scared and not want to recieve the Lord's gifts.

You've got great goals. I know you'll do them.

Travis & Ashley said...

Hi Sarah! I have been meaning to comment on your blog for a long time now and now I am finally doing it! I haven't met any cousin's of travis on his dad's side and so it is so good to hear from you. You two little girls are just adorable and I am glad that your little family is doing so well! Thanks for the comments and I would to hear from you again.

Beverlynne said...

Great goals! When it comes to service, may I just add a thought--
the accolades you may receive from service to others (such as community service through various organizations)will never outweigh the service you do for your family.

I made this mistake.