Monday, February 4, 2008

It's a girl!

Well we found out he are having another girl. Curtis is so excited and relieved it's not a boy. He's so afraid he'll have a son that likes sports. Weird, huh? Robyn came to the ultra sound with us and she wanted to get up on the table with me so bad. I think she was a little freaked out I was up there. So we had a name all picked out if it was a girl. Daphne Lorraine but when Curtis saw the baby he said she didn't look like a Daphne anymore. So we may name her Sydney. No middle name yet. We still like Daphne Lorraine so we can't use Lorraine. I kinda like Sydney Kriss you guys will have to let me know what you think. Well that's the big new!


Drummdown said...

What good news!!! I am so excited for you guys. Weird that Curtis doesn't want a boy though. They usually follow their Dad's, he shouldn't worry. :)

You guys are gonna have a blast with the two girls. We just put Emilee in time out for doing something bad and Bethany followed her. It was the cutest thing ever. Bethany had her nose on the wall and crying, the exact same thing Emilee was doing. If we had a video camera, it would've won on AFHV.

I like the name choices. Kriss is a cute name for a middle name too. But have you considered Marie. :) I think it sounds good. Plus, I'm the first to respond. j/k

Congrats guys. You'll have a blast!!!

Drummdown said...

I should mention that Bethany was fake crying. I wished that I had a video camra. IT WAS SO DARN CUTE!!!

John & Ashley Sellers said...
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John & Ashley Sellers said...

Oh that is so0o0o awesome congratulations!!! I just told John and he said oh you didn't know ... I am so mad at him for not telling me. He is such a dork. He didn't tell me about Becka either. Grr So with all these pregnant girls around it makes me miss being pregnant. :) I have a long time to even think about that though.

Anonymous said...

Congratultions. Well 2 down ten more to go right. LOL. Anyhow girls are great. They really bring love and comfort and drama and much more i am sure but i do agree with Pres. Hinckley when he said every father should die with his daughters sitting around him. There are days when David has love and affection overload from all the girls. That is how it should be though. CONGRATULATIONS.