Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our family!

I was thinking about it and there isn't much on our blog. It's kinda boring! So I decided to tell a little more. Well Robyn is so big now. She is a sponge for all the personality traits of Curtis. Which isn't all that bad. For instance when she gets into trouble and we try to punish her she just laughs. We tried time out she just loves it. We tried spanking and she thinks it's a game. One day we told her "NO" and she did it anyway and got a spanking. Shortly after her punishment she tried to do it again. We said "NO" and she just laughed and started spanking herself and runs off. When Curtis gets into trouble he makes jokes to lighten the situation. It's so fun seeing them together. Two peas in a pod.
As for me she has nothing but my smile and my absence of toosh. She is definitely a daddy's girl through and through. Being a mother has been so much fun for me, after the first 6 months anyway. I am expecting my 2nd in June, and I want a boy Curtis wants all girls. I find out really soon what we are having. We had a fun Christmas. We stayed in Colorado for that and just spent most the time with family. I just love my in-laws. I think I got lucky on that one. As for New Years we went to Vegas to see my family. Most of which was spent with John, Ashley and Brendyn. What a cute family, huh? Anyway the night before new years eve we stayed up and talked so new years we were all pretty pooped. By the way I absolutely hate to fly out of vegas. The flights are always delayed by like an hour. and with a toddler it's not fun.
So I want to talk a little about Colorado Springs! It is the most Beautiful place I have ever been. All the good stuff here. Mountains, nice summers, snow, homes with yards, good traffic, most people here are Christians, and the most important, it feels like home. We bought a house about 2 years ago. It's a 1979 house but the best part is our floor plans is unique. It's a 4 level split. It's on 3/4 of an acre and it's about 3,500 sq. ft. Curtis is multi-talented and we have been remodeling it the way we want. We even have room to expand. And expand we are. Curtis is very creative. Anyway enough about all that. I hope to post more as time goes on.
These pictures just show you a little about Robyn's personality.


John & Ashley Sellers said...
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John & Ashley Sellers said...

Hey guys I was so excited to see you updated your blog. It's always fun to see what you guys are up to. Well, we miss you all... see ya soon Sarah

Anonymous said...

Well know that you are updating your blog I have not had time to update anything on mine. I did get your e-mail and thanks for the info on the book. I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone. I will make sure to keep in touch with you this time. You really do have a great family and i cant wait to see how big it gets.

Drummdown said...

cute kid!