Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crazy Stuff!

So it's been really crazy since Curtis cut his finger off. We decided to sell the house and go back to school. So in September the house will go on the market. We have unfinished projects to finish and then in January we are moving up to byu Idaho for a semester so he can finish his associates and then transfer to byu. He wants to go for industrial design so it will take 4 years part time to get. After the accident Curtis hasn't been able to work, we thought about all of our options and this seemed to be the best for our family for the future. I am sooooo sad to be leaving, I love Colorado, this house we have made a home and my friends and family. But on the upside I will be closer to my family and we will just have to make more friends and we figure a house is temporal and can be replaced. There is a lot to be done on the house and we will be quite busy for sometime. I can't wait for the day Curtis gets a schedule then we can make plans to do stuff as a family.
Curtis' finger or where his finger was has healed nicely. He says he can still feel it. Last night he went to do the finger quotes and realized he only did it with the one finger and was quite sad. His thumb no longer has a pin in it but they are unsure still whether it will be okay without having to fuse the joint. He claims to be able to predict the weather, as a joke. He is being very amusing.
Robyn is growing so fast. She loves her little sister Sydney. We can't keep her away from her. She will be 2 on the 30th of this month and she is trying to talk, still not making much sense yet but we try to understand.
The blessing went well and with all the excitement about the finger I didn't get a chance to tell about it. Thank you all for coming by the way. It made it more special. We have some pics to post and there are a bunch so I am going to post just the minimum and if you were there and want certain ones(Ashley) I can email them. Well we went to a 4th of July parade on Fri and had a bbq. There were a lot of people so it was Chaos, but the fun kind. The blessing was nice and Sydney is such a good baby. I was nervous that she was going to scream like Robyn did but she cried a little then stopped. Curtis said she was gripping the mic cord and stopped crying. Then we had a nice dinner at our house. We pretty much just hung out the rest of the time. I love family.
As for me I am super busy with the kids and I have my photography and also the house. I am also working out. Some of my girlfriends and I started doing pilates-yoga. It's hard but I think it's funner then aerobics. My goal as of now is 20 more pounds by November. we will see. My friends also threw me a baby shower and that was fun. Anything to get out of the house, even though I had the girls I still had fun.
So fun stuff, huh. If anyone knows anything about Rexburg or where it's cheap for married people to live, please help. I can't seem to find much other then 600 for a 1 bed plus den. PEACE!


John & Ashley Sellers said...

Hey guys we loved it out there in Colorado as always. Saying it was exciting is an under statement. Ashley does want some of the pictures sent to her. We will talk to Ryan and Steph (you met them). They graduated from BYUI and for work out there they ran married Apt complex. I will call you for the info. LOVE YALL

Anonymous said...

Fun. We also moved to Cedar because David needs to finish school. I am still going to call you. I just still have no voice so kinda usless to call. I am sure you are busy. The pictures are so cute. You look like a busy mom now. Both of your hands full. two kids do change everything. That is all I know though TWO or more. Never had a chance to only have one. I will keep you guys in my prayers. I will call soon

Megs said...

That would be so much fun if you guys moved out here to Utah. And instead of moving to Idaho and then Utah have you looked at Salt Lake Community College to see if they offer anything? That way you wouldn't have to move twice. much love

Beverlynne said...

Sarah, contact Gramma Rainey for cousin Angelique's email and phone number. Angelique grew up in the Rexburg area and she and her husband, Bob, still live close to Rexburg. I'm sure she would be great help!