Monday, June 9, 2008

Website is officially up and running!

We finally got the website up and running. You guys will have to let us know what you think. There are a few things that need adjusting, but if you find anything let us know!
We are holding out to buy more furniture so the inventory is small.
Also, after a long wait we are finally putting in our wood floor and Railing. We decided on Walnut. We hope to have it done by July when everyone comes out. I think it will finish off the house so it doesn't look so dated. We are so excited.
By the way I am still pregnant! I have a scheduled induction on the 17th. I am hoping to go natural though. Does anyone know anything about stripping the membranes? I am thinking about having my Dr. do it on Thursday.

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The Budge Family said...

checked out the website. Cool. Davids sister Sarah is getting married soon. I might have to get her something. That is defintaly her kind of style. about the memebranes. Sometimes it works sometimes it doestn. I think you are close enought to your due date to go ahead and do it. I had my midwife with one of my pregnancy do it and then I went walking after the appointment at the mall and I had some contractions start. I still had a week until my delivery date. By the night time they stop so I got some sleep and I think a day or two later I went into labor. Who is to say it is because I stripped my membranes or my body then was ready. Up to you. Oh and some say it makes labor harder. I dont know a lot on that either. Labor seems hard to me know matter what.