Wednesday, May 14, 2008

34 weeks!

Well, I saw my doc today and I asked if he would check how far I was dilated, because I was having some strong contractions a few nights. So he agreed. I am a 3.....70% effaced. I was a 3 and 80% effaced the day before I had Robyn. So he prescribed me something that will help Sydney's lungs and stuff. I know she will be early but who knows. So I am to take it easy, whatever that means. Okay, I know it means no sex and no lawn mowing, but What can I do. There are so many more things to do before she arrives. I still don't have her space set up. So I am kinda freaking out. The doc estimated that she is a little over 5 lbs. Which I was kinda glad she was not 4 like I Thought. Any way we finally took Maternity pics so here they are. And yes I touched up the stretch marks.


Rileigh said...

Those are so beautiful! I am glad you said something about the stretch marks I would have been sooo jealous. You look beautiful. Just try and relax. Is there a heated indoor pool you can float in? That was my favorite thing.

John & Ashley Sellers said...

Oh man I'm so glad you put pregnancy pictures on here. You are so dang cute pregnant!! Take advantage of the time you have, to take it easy. It would be smart to milk it for all it's worth.:) just kidding don't tell Curtis I said that.

The Budge Family said...

Yeah. I was glad to see some picture of you. You look beautiful. YOU REALLY SHOULD TAKE IT EASY. Things will get done sometime and it is more important to have a healthy baby that comes home with you instead. I learned my lesson about what it means to take it easy when I had the twins. I know that I wasnt the best and if I ever did it again I would just DO IT....So take it easy. Plan quiet times and easy meals and ASK FOR HELP....I wish I was there I would help ya if I could. Well like the doc said....TAKE IT EASY =)