Sunday, April 20, 2008

Over the 20's hill!

Well I finally am in my later 20's. Okay, it's just 26 but still I feel 90 right now because of this pregnancy. It has been really painful. I am getting all sorts of weird pains that I didn't have with Robyn. Not fun but it will be worth it after Sydney is born. So anyway, my Birthday... It was nice. My mother and Father in law came and made me lunch. Then she helped me with Sydney's dress we will be bringing her home in. I will have to take pictures of every project I have done. I am kinda surprised with myself. Anyway...Then we went out to dinner and came home and hung out. Not very eventful, but it was nice.
I have a question for the women who had multiple pregnancies. Or even if you can answer this I would like help. How soon does your baby usually drop. I never knew when Robyn did and I have been feeling a lot of pelvic pain today. Kinda like a muscle was pulled. It's on and off. Also some pressure. I don't look like I have though. I am due on June 24th but my doctor said I will probably go in the end of May because I was really early with Robyn. I just need to know what the heck is going on. AHHHHHHH!


Tom and Mel said...

HAPPY Birthday!!! I knew it was last Friday and I wanted to tell you closer to your actual birthday...sorry! I want to give you your nursing cover as a one of these days we'll have to get together. I'm glad you had a nice time though! I have no idea when I dropped this last time, BUT I did have a lot of pain in that same area and it was bad after deliver too for a good 2-3 weeks. So brace yourself for that too. Wow, that's crazy that your doc thinks you'll deliver so soon! End of May sounds very soon! But, maybe you'll be glad by then (as long as it's not too soon). I think I'm writing so much b/c it's been so long since we've talked! :-)

John & Ashley Sellers said...

I've heard most people drop the last week or two of their pregnancy. Who knows everyone is different. Maybe your pain is because your spreading. :) I don't really know I just like to think I do. Sorry! We are waiting to see some pregnancy pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah you might want to go and see a ciropractor. Laceys pregnancy was the first that i had pain and one of my nerves by my pelvic and down my leg was pinched. It was more my thigh that caused problems but it made the nine months really long. also when you have problems like that it is really important to take the baby in as well after she is born. rubbing down the baby spine after she is born too will help her but just with your two fingers. I hope i am helping. You can call if you would like. After LaCEY I just kept thinking i dont want to do that again with my next pregnancy and it better just leave with the pregnancy and not stick around after i had her. well happy birthday. I feel the same way about 26. My mom says i should be 30 with how i act. i feel 30. maybe it is all the kids i have. lol. I agree i would love to see some pregnancy pictures considering i have never seen you with a belly. take care.